Exhibition Concept

The work in this exhibition was inspired by nature, the artist’s urban environment, his travels and most of all by the small moments in everyday life.  Most of the prints on displayed contain moments of serenity, nature, pleasure and beauty.

Whether it is a little pattern on the floor, the curve of a loose thread from a sofa or a sea of grays and blues coming from the satellite dishes randomly fixed on top of a building, LOAAY finds his eye naturally drown to that moment.

The work LOAAY produces has been described at different times as art of Post-Modernism, Abstract Expressionism, Aestheticism, Post-Impressionism, Conceptualism, and Minimalism. His ultimate goal is No-ism, a completely free unlabeled self expression with emotional content.

Viewers are encouraged to question everything.

Selected work from the exhibition

Digital Prints of the Everyday Life