Q. What is LOAAY’s art about?

It’s about the every day life. Whether it’s a little pattern on the floor, a loose thread from a sofa or a sea of grays and blues coming from the satellite dishes randomly fixed on top of a building. LOAAY is intrigued by the moments, objects, individuals, experiences and places that most people don’t stop to notice.

Q. What is a digital print?

Digital prints are created by printing computer-generated images on a large scale ink jet printer. The ink is dispersed by a sophisticated print head in a fine mist of minute droplets in order to deliver a continuous tone image.

Digital prints can be printed using highly saturated, water-based or pigment-based archival inks on a wide range of materials, from traditional fine art papers to fabric and rigid materials such as copper plates, cardboard, or wood veneers.

The first digital prints were called IRIS prints since they were manufactured by Iris Printers, a graphics company of Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, in the late eighties for the purpose of industrial purposes. To differentiate the Iris technical proofs from the Fine Art digital reproductions, Jack Duganne of Nash Editions, came up with the term "Giclée" prints in 1991, Los Angeles, California, USA, for an art exhibition for Diane Bartz.

Q. Are these prints reproductions of original artworks?

No. All artworks LOAAY produces are limited edition original prints and are not reproductions of a previously painted canvas, for example.

Original limited-edition fine art digital prints are not to be confused with reproductions of existing works that are reproduced photomechanically as in the case of most posters and museum reproductions.

Q. What’s a limited edition?

An original limited-edition fine art digital print is a work of art conceived and developed by the artist for the purpose of making an edition in a quantity predetermined by the artist. After printing, the edition is signed, numbered, and dated. The benefit of having limited editions is to offer the opportunity for more than one collector to own an original print of the same edition.

Many museums and galleries worldwide collect and display original digital art.

Q. Why does LOAAY produces his art in editions?

The concept of having limited editions is to offer the opportunity to more than one person to own an original print of the same edition. This concept also makes each print more affordable compared to single artwork pricing. LOAAY believes in the fact that art is important to every soul. Therefore, it should be as affordable as possible.

Q. How long will prints last for?

Based on Wilhelm Imaging Research, with the right preservation framing and placement, prints can remain stable in color and condition for more than 200 years.

Q. Are the prints on LOAAY.com available for sale?

Yes. Each print has a different price. And within each print the price differs based on the number of editions left. Email LOAAY.com with the title of the print you’re interested in and you will receive all relevant information such as price, shipping details, etc.

Q. How do I know that what I purchased is an original LOAAY print?

LOAAY signs, numbers and stamps all his prints on the prints verso. This is how you would know that it’s an original LOAAY print. In addition, LOAAY provides a certificate of authenticity with every print. Make sure that you inquire about it when you purchase your print from a gallery or an individual collector. In some cases, the galleries don’t offer the certificates to collectors and don’t keep them. If you are in doubt, look at the print verso and/or email LOAAY.com for confirmation.

Q. Are the prints shown on this website are all what LOAAY has produced so far?

No. There are more prints than what’s displayed. In time, LOAAY.com will have them available for public viewing. Click the ‘Subscribe’ button on the ART page to be informed about new updates through your iPhoto software. If you don’t have iPhoto, then email LOAAY.com and you will receive email updates whenever new prints are added online. Note: An account with .Mac is required to activate the auto updates feature in iPhoto.

Q. What is the meaning of the LOAAY logo?

This logo symbolizes the three main influences on LOAAY’s character. The Japanese word reads ‘lion’. LOAAY is in Arabic name. The Japanese represents the effect of Asian philosophy and martial arts in the artist’s life. The Arabic name, which is one of the lion’s names, is more than 2000 years old and it reflects the influence of the Arab culture on LOAAY. However, the name is written in English to highlight the impact that Western civilization left on the artist’s personality.

Q. What is LOAAY working on at the moment?

Other than new and exciting art projects that you can read more about in the NEWS page or email LOAAY.com to receive email updates whenever more news are available, LOAAY is also the Group Director of sixpointtwo, a Kuwait based group of companies. When he’s not at the office, giving branding and marketing training workshops, or working on his art, LOAAY is writing a book about collective schools of thought that present valuable lessons in business and life.